Saturday, June 11, 2011

Picture Diary of the move... on the road

These pictures were taken at around 75mph in my car.  Dont worry, I wasn't looking through the viewfinder.  Safety first :)

This is what I looked at for the whole trip

The biggest tires I have ever seen

Leaving GA and entering TN.  We have decided we like TN even though it was the sight of the tire mishap.

Another state down.  Leaving TN and entering KY.

This kind of thing makes driving into the night almost worth it.  

Kentucky boys are serious about their tractors.

Officially entering the west as we pass through St Louis

Had to drop the phone in my lap while I was talking to Carly so I could take this picture.  Another state down!

Authentic Kansas City BBQ... and it was REALLY good :)

Almost there.  At this point we had driven 20ish hours and only had about 2 more to go.

And this was the next 2 hours.  FLAT and STRAIGHT through eastern Colorado

Bug Carnage on the car top carrier from across the country.

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