Saturday, October 15, 2011

No wife at home :(

Things I have realized since Laura has been out of town...

  1. Coming home is not nearly as exciting when your aren't coming home to someone.
  2. Making the bed is a pain in the butt by yourself.
  3. I have missed bumping each other while we get ready for work.
  4. Even if I do a lot of the things that I really enjoy in one day I still wish Laura was with me.
  5. I have almost mastered the pillow chop when I make the bed.
  6. I have become a much more tidy person since May.
  7. I have gotten used to splitting a french press in the morning and have wasted a half of a press each day I have been home alone.
  8. Skype is great but is no substitute for being with somebody.
  9. A half empty bed is an uncomfortable bed.

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