Thursday, May 5, 2011

We got our marriage certificate :)

We are down to 17 days now.  School is coming to a close with starting a light load for finals today and finishing up the last few assignments before riding out the days to graduation.  Plans are coming along smoothly for the wedding and stress is almost nonexistent in the mix of it all.  God has continued to show himself gracious in this time and we are so grateful.

Newest exciting news is that we went to the court house in Lynchburg yesterday and got our marriage certificate.  It was fun to get excited about and see it through.  We even had to raise our right hand and swear we weren't lying on any of the information on the form.

"Will both of you raise your right hand?"
"Oh... uh... yea!" *snicker*  :)

Next we stood out on the famous steps downtown and took some pictures with passers-by smiling at us and enjoying our excitement.  It has been great to see others enjoy our excitement and seemingly reflecting back on their wedding day.

We are praying that this time would rekindle love and bring reconciliation and encouragement to couples around us through the whole process.  If Jesus can reconcile us to the Father then restoring a marriage can surely be done as well, and we pray this is faith.

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